Our tools provide valuable information for trading successfully! All our tools are written for AmiBroker software available at Amibroker.com. Each tool is equipped with many easily variable parameters and analysis functions to display the information that is important to you. All tools are written for every market and every time frame.

Pattern Trading

The markets are often building patterns like triangles, candlesticks or any other pattern type. We are mostly too late without the right software, because we don’t know about the patterns. Furthermore there are thousands of trading opportunities every day. It’s simply a waste of time when we only view a few stocks every day for any pattern. With our tools you can scan all your symbols for the best patterns in just a few seconds or minutes.

Automatically identify

  • Chart Patterns: Triangles, Wedges, Channels
  • Fibonacci and Gann Recognition
  • Support and Resistance
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Signals based on composite indicators
  • Entry and Exit Signals
  • and much more…