AmiBroker supports three different indicator insert modes:

A) Insert

Inserts selected indicator into new chart pane.

Insert command internally creates a copy of the original formula file and places such copy into hidden drag-drop folder so original formula will not be affected by subsequent editing or overlaying other indicators onto it. Double clicking on formula name is equivalent with choosing Insert command from the menu. These copies will not be updated automatically through the PatternExplorer setup. You need to Insert them again when you install a PatternExplorer update.

B) Insert Linked

Inserts selected indicator into new chart pane directly

Insert Linked command does not create any copy of the formula. Instead it creates new chart pane that directly links to original formula. This way subsequent editing and/or overlaying other indicators will modify the original. Insert Linked makes it possible to update all your PatternExplorer indicators automatically when you run a PatternExplorer update.

C) Overlay

Overlay selected indicator onto selected chart pane.

Overlay command internally appends additional code to the formula used by the chart pane. If given chart pane was created using Insert Linked, it will modify original (linked) formula.